Our Focus 

 AspenRidge will focus her efforts primarily in these three areas:  Unreached Peoples, Reached Developed Peoples, Reached Undeveloped Peoples.  Our desire is to follow the established missions’ presence in these areas by serving in the capacity at which the long-term personnel deem the most impactful for accomplishing their task. 

Unreached Peoples:  Primary strategy is to send and/or support long-term missions’ personnel into an Unreached People group.


Reached Developed Peoples:  Primary strategy is to support the development, training and efforts of national believers and/or missionaries.  For examples, short-term missions trips, vacation Bible Schools, Conferences and meeting spiritual needs.


Reached Undeveloped Peoples: Primary strategy is to meet physical needs, such as, clean water, schools, food supplies, medical needs, disaster relief, etc. in the name of Christ.

Missionaries We Support

Chad and Kristin Tabor with e3SportReach at www.e3sportreach.org

Missionaries to Turkey, names withheld